Supreme EclipseEdit

"Get them!"

Armageddon is a Fire Gormiti from the Supreme Eclipse era and other times. He works for Obscurio. His left arm is a cannon that shoots fire. He is shown to have a rivalry with Magmion and some times they have to share command. His head is mainly his mouth. He was one of the Lava gormiti survivors of the end of episode:eternal eclipse part 2. He,Magmion, Drakkon, Superion, Xiron and Cyclops survived while: Obscurio, Bullock and Blind Screamer were killed.


  • His cannon is his left arm, but sometimes by mistake his arms are switched over.
  • He and Obscurio both have their left arms replaced.
  • Magmion has a spear arm on his right arm whie armageddon has a cannon for a left arm.
Armageddon close up


When Armageddon was redesigned, his head was a more pinkish colour and the spikes were removed, his mouth looks like a star. His colours are changed: His legs are yellow with black spikes, his body is now blue with black armor on his arms and round his kneck, he carrys the trident of fire and his cannon arm is now a normal arm.
Armageddon titanium close up