Gheos the Lord of Power and of Earth

"Dear Gormiti, how much time has passed ... do not fear my loyal allies together we can defeat the evil that for too long reigns on this island"

Appearance and character Edit

Gheos the strong, also called the Firstborn, is the first lord of Earth and a huge Gormiti, only Ancient Thorg being bigger. His left hand is a huge hammer with spikes. He was created by The Old Sage to defend Gorm by the tribe of Volcano. He is quiet, wise and reserved and he was the only lord that knew that the great war was wrong.

Origin Edit


Gheos in the Mystic series

After the massacre of the first civilization of Gorm by Magor's fire Gormiti only The Old Sage survived. By his tears the Eye of Life was born and gave birth to new Gormiti. Thus Gheos and the peaple of the Earth were born. The new Gormiti make an alliance to protect Gorm by the evil forces. Magor was aware that, if the Gormiti were in unison there was no way he could top them and conquer Gorm, so he cast a curse and Gheos faced his old allies including the Volcano tribe. In Mystic dyring his rapport with the elements of Earth, his speed and power grow.

Energheia Edit

Gheos 13

In series Energheia

In the Energheia series he was revived by The Old Sage, along with Tasarau, Poiypus, Noctis and their tribes, to help the other Lords to fight Magor and his minions.

Final Evolution Edit


Gheos during Final Evolution Saga

In this saga he gain his new evolution from the Orb of Earth, he posses the ancient power of the Gems of Muskor, just like Kolossus in the past. His hammer, can absorb lighting and make devastating attacks.

His fortress is the Cavern of Roscamar and the four Orbs of Gorm were secured there. When Ancient Thorg express express his worries, that the Cavern wasn't a safe place, Gheos reply was: "If there is no other solution?". In the final battle he fought, along with Ancient Thorg, against Armaggedon, Magmion and Lavion. In the end he was sucked by the vortex, that was created by the power of good and evil when they collide, along with manyother Gormiti. His successor is Nicholas "Nick" Tripp.

Trivia Edit

  • He is referred as the "Firstborn" but Gormiti existed before him, the first civilization of Gorm and the Volcano Gormiti. Also in the "Origins" he was created after the other lords.
  • His name is posible a pun to Gaia, one of the Greek .
  • There a special figure of him to promote the Atomic series.

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