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lucas' forms

Lucas is the Lord of Forest in the animated series. He is friends with Toby, Nick and Jessica.

He is the resident 'tree hugger' of the group, the environmentalist if you will. He is also a humanitarian. He is oblivious to Gina's feelings for him. He gets very, very upset when plants are harmed even though his friends remind him that plants are just plants. He treats plants like they are people or animals, even though they are not. He has a flower that he named George.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As the Lord of the Forest tray can control plant growth and utilize the various abilities that plants have. He can also regenerate damaged body parts.

Known Attacks:

  • Bark Blaster
  • Blast of Bark
  • Jungle Attack
  • Sleep Spores
  • Phytokinesis
  • Golden Creepers Attack
  • Golden Disks of the Forest
  • Shield of Leaves
  • Vortex of Leaves
  • Wood Hammer
  • Control over Forest
  • Root Force