Title Lord of Evil
Power strong, (extreme with his full power)
First Appearance N/A

Obscurio is a dark Gormit

The characterEdit

Obscurio was an enineered biogormit created from the genes of the warriors Taki and Voldo and demons Chernobog and Zorc. He was a dark and forboding gorm and was known as the maderfakeri by his enemies for his artificial origins. His left hand usually took the form of a mace, but it occasionally opened up into a red flower, while his right hand was known as the "iron fist of pain." Obscurio kicked the brothers Kocim and Ryjem off of the Oraz Jakim plateau in Kwiatkiem, making him revered by the races of gorm. Later in the story Obscurio was exiled by Magmians to Jabariland to repent for his crimes against the fire gormiti and their allies. After repenting, he challenged Magmians to a duel where he won back his place in the world and rectified his name. After his stay in Jabariland he becomes the trusted advisor to Borgion, the ruler of the night. When Borgion is vanguished he becomes the new ruler of the night and is entrusted with the ancient magics of his people so that he may restore their honor and revive the enternally damned from their slumber. He is later defeated by the demon Zamorak and is forced to abicate the throne in shame, though he later retakes it by using the ancient weapon of his people, the Heck Hammer, which he disgards as per tradition.

Show Edit

During the Eclipse he is enlisted by the sorceress queen Elclisa to conquer the world of gorm. After being defeated by Magmians he is sent to Jabariland to repent for this crime and was made to thing about the things he had done. Later in the series Magiams is challenged by Obscurio to a duel and Obscurio defeats him to rectify his name.




Version polisch mroczny Obscurio władca ciemności ( zła )