Title Lord of Evil
Power strong, (extreme with his full power)
First Appearance N/A

Obscurio is a dark Gormit

The characterEdit

Obscurio was the lord of the dark Gormiti during the Supreme Eclipse series. He led the forces of the Volcano along with Armageddon and Magmion . He had a lot of powers . He resided at the lair of The Volcano. His left hand is a spikey red oval that can detach on a chain. He had big bat like wings so he could fly and attack his enemies from above.

The character is known as one of the most powerful dark Gormiti ever.

Show Edit

During the Eclipse series he had a strong rivary with Luminus.He survived the events of the series and returned in Final evolution.He eventually evolved alongside the other lords of nature after the meteor fell on Gorm.

He fought Noble Mantis and joined the forces of thee Volcano during the final battle.He is the main responsible for the creation of the vortex took all Gormiti lords(including himself) to another dimension.He tried to return to the island several times by using his crown but failed.He also took control over Toby once.He later returned with the help of Magmion and began serving Magor again.He also killed Luminus.

He died at the end of Lords of nature return series.




Version polisch mroczny Obscurio władca ciemności ( zła )


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