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Polypus' Fiqure
Vital statistics
Born Unknown
Gender Male
Race Water
Level 7
Personality mean, lonely and wild
Status Hurt, 5
Location Deep Forest

Polypus is the special rare Water Type of Invincible Lord.


Polypus is a wild monster and is very fast and usually hides in water or cold places. His wildness in horrible and if anyone were to see him, he would use his special Water Fire Fist and destroy anything in his way, (Or just kill his enemy by crush it.)


He is known to be mean due to his wildness, he is also mean because his is kind of lonely in the Deep Forest. He is not even nicer to the other Gormitis or even the other Invincible Lords.


The Card gives information on him and says that if you ever see him, run and run fast thus saying that he is very dangerous.

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