The great eclipse Edit

The island of Gorm is still being destroyed by the battles between the Gormiti,with no-one as yet emerging the winner. The curse of the evil Magmion, who had sown the seeds of unhappiness thousands of years ago, still rages on, with his power and strength increasing all the time. All the Gormiti have now evolved and every tribe has become stronger and more powerful. New warriors have risen, but they continue to battle with each other, still all trying to gain control of the island of Gorm... The island is about to change forever....chaos will reign again....when the sun goes down, the island will be covered in darkness...each tribe will choose a champion who will go forward to fight against th rest in the 'Final Battle'. The heroes will be called to the ancient plains of Astreg to face each other in a ferocious clash. Power determination and concentration are the fundamental requirements of a true champion, one who will be able to defeat all his opponents and finally bring peace, once again to the island of Gorm.....the tension grows as the battles come closer but an evil presence hides in the darkness plotting against peace for the people of Gorm.....will this island ever be calm again? The future must be decided......

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