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Toby is the Lord of Water in the animated series. He is friends with Jessica, Lucas and his younger brother Nick. He hates being the keeper because he finds it too boring in the primal pad. He would rather go gormiti. He loves playing practical jokes on people. He has blue eyes and golden blonde hair. He is really popular. He is quite lazy and the lead character of the series. He is extremely brave and conquers his fears. He used to fear spiders but to save his friends he went inside a giant one. He is probably the bravest in his group. He would do anything for his friends. He likes teasing Paula about them being aliens. This is to lead her away from the truth and partly because he likes to play tricks on people.

When he offered to let Jessica have his invite for a party, she refused, though it shows that Toby might have had feelings for her for a while.


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