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The Volcano Tribes, later merged into a single Volcano Tribe, is an evil tribe of Gormiti that turned against the other residents of Gorm and created the War.

The Evil Volcano Tribe originally consisting of two sub-tribes:

Later merged into one single Volcano Tribe

  • Volcano (Red) Lord: Deepdownfear, Armageddon. The Volcano Tribe features fire elementals as well as insects and reptilian beasts.

Series 3 added two new Tribes:

  • Light (good) (Yellow/Silver) Lord: The Supreme Luminescent. The Light Tribe features geometric characters resembling armored warriors. They fought darkness and the volcano.
  • Darkness (evil)(Black) Lord: Obscurio. The Darkness Tribe features demon like creatures. During the supreme eclipse serise Obscurio teamed with the Volcano tribe led by Armageddon and Magmion.

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